Jesus' Crown of thorns, symbol of penitential lifestyle. We are committed to living the Franciscan Rule of 1221. We aren't a Third Order but a Lay Catholic Association. ...weaving a crown of thorns,
they placed it on Him. (Mk 15:17)

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The Franciscan Association of The Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St.Francis (BSP) has a butterfly as its symbol. The Butterfly means the transforming union that we wish to attain, through a life of prayer, simplicity and self-denial. The BSP mottos are: 'Deny yourself, take your cross and follow me' and 'In the world, but not of it, for Christ'

         St. Francis

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May God bless you and lead you ever more deeply into His Love!


... in the world, but NOT of it, for Christ!

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Deny yourself. Live a penitential life through little sacrifices.

Experience the joy of little mortifications

To be loved by All, why not try Chittle,
chastised its true, but only a little,
fasting and abstaining with joy pervading
unseen in your life; a gentle invading.


When you feel like preaching forget you can talk,
if you hate exercise, go for a walk.
Do you prefer a level road. Take to a hill,
Chittle is a healthy way to break your will.

Go last in line when you could have been first,
drink what you don't want to satisfy your thirst,
sit up straight when you would like to slouch,
take the hard chair when you would rather the couch.

If a bug bites don't chase it away,
why not rise early so you have time to pray?
And take time for still-prayer when you want to go fast,
So He can create in you a Union that will last.

Those highest in heaven will not be the great,
so when you should be on time but have to come late,
take the heat like a soldier without getting hot,
remember, He is He who is, we are they who are not.

If you hate speed limits, lock on the cruise,
Another's mess to clean up? What should you choose?
If you live where there's winter turn down the heat,
bless those who curse you, He was always sweet.

Smile in adversity, laugh at your fears,
listen when you want to leave, cover your tears,
talk to whom you don't like, from enemies don't run,
when you feel like working, have a little fun.

Be present to others when you want to be alone,
if steak is served at table take one with a bone,
if you want cookies eat crackers instead,
when you feel like a full meal, try just some bread.

Share yourself with others, be it time, money, or task,
be forgiving of others, don't wait till they ask,
give of yourself all the day long,
walk gently, talk sweetly, sing a holy song.

Penance might be hard, but does hold a Mystery,
Chittle helps start the journey that can set you free,
saving little for self; giving time and love away,
in what's offered to God, unseen, each day.

Source: Reflections in a Morning Star

Brother Not, SFO

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The Butterfly is symbol of transforming union of the soul to God. God will give this grace to those faithful to walk the path of prayer and self-denial

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The Butterfly is symbol of transforming union of the soul to God. God will give this grace to those faithful to walk the path of prayer and self-denial