To enter the Association please complete this application and postal mail or email it to:


The? BSP Communication Center

65774 County Road 31

Northome ? MN? 56661



If you have difficulty printing the form, please contact the Communication Center and we can email or postal mail you a copy.


No one will be denied membership due to past values, lifestyles, or serious sins. No one is expected to be perfect upon entering the Association but rather ought to hope to become more conformed to Christ through living this Rule. Therefore, please provide a brief response to the following questions, recognizing, however, that membership in the Association is not automatic. Applications may be rejected, or membership terminated, by a decision of the administrators of the Association on consultation with the Visitor and/or the Board of the Association where needed, if the conduct or values of the individual involved are deemed to be in conflict with the spirit and intent of the Rule or lifestyle of the Association.?



(last name) (first name)(middle name)




City:????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? State:??????????????? Zip code:


Telephone Number:??? area code (?? ) -??????  




 Date of? Birth:? ??????????? Marital Status:


 Where baptized:?????????????????????????????????????????????? Where confirmed:


 (A copy of your baptismal certificate will be required before you can Pledge to the Rule for life.)?


Have you read the Rule and Statutes of the Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis?????? Yes/No


Do you understand that only Catholics who accept all the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and remain in union with the Pope and Magesterium of the Catholic Church can become official members of this Association?? Yes/No


Do you have spousal approval to begin the inquirer process? Yes/No/Unnecessary


The BSP is consecrated to Mary, the Mother of Jesus.? How do you feel about this? (Brief reply) 


Do you have any questions about the BSP?? Yes/No 


 If Yes above, would you like to have someone call you to discuss the BSP?



Secular Franciscans, and other Third Order members,? are welcome to become members of the Association and go through formation, and pledge to the Rule of the BSP if they wish. However, some Third Orders do not permit a member to profess to a different rule of life without giving up their Third Order profession.? If this applies to you,? you may wish to become an ?Honorary? member of the BSP instead of a regular member. As an ?Honorary? member you can study the Web site and use the formation materials of the BSP to develop your? lifestyle of penance in your Third Order, without pledging to the BSP Rule. Upon completing formation your Third Order profession will be honored in place of your pledge to live the Rule of the BSP as your response to living the Rule of your Third Order.? Any questions on this can be resolved by contacting the Communication Center.


Four years of formation, either by living the Rule, or going through the Association?s formation program, is normal for anyone who wishes to pledge to the Rule, unless excepted by their spiritual director and/or the BSP Communication Center.? This is intended to allow everyone ample time to discern their interest in committing to live the Rule of 1221 for ?all of their life? before they pledge (promise) to live it for life.? Entrance into the formation program follows a 3 month Inquiry period, which the administrators can waive if circumstances warrant it.??


Someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible regarding your application by email, phone, or postal mail. Please continue to pray about this way of life and for our Association as we will pray for you. If you have any questions feel free to contact the BSP Communication Center.


May the Lord bless you on your journey and reveal His will to you!


Bruce and Shelley Fahey BSP


The BSP Communication Center

65774 County Road 31

Northome, Minnesota 56661? MN? 55073

Phone: 218-897-5974