The beginning

It was by grace and through the love and great mercy of God that this humble sinner began keeping a prayer journal a few years ago. During Advent of that year, I decided to spend more time in adoration in front of the Tabernacle. The Lord rewarded this small effort by allowing me to feel very strongly his True Presence. As well, I became more aware of the "still, small voice" of the Spirit speaking to my heart. The more I listened, the more I learned about God's love for me, and the more I longed to enter into that love. This experience was a great mercy of God to my soul, a soul greatly in need of transformation. From then on I began to keep a prayer journal, and almost from the beginning I had the feeling that the words I was writing were not meant for my heart alone.

One day, I felt the Lord give me a new name, "Pelianito", which means "sent". Often I felt like the words I was writing were burning a hole in my heart and I ached to give them wings. One thing led to another and eventually I felt called to post my journal entries to a daily blog. That was when the meaning of the name "Pelianito" took shape, for the words of my journal were being “sent" to the corners of the world. The burning in my heart was eased. Now it was up to the Lord to lead those he had chosen to the blog to read the words he had given to me.

Prayer and fasting

In the early days of keeping a journal, I often felt the Lord calling me to increased fasting and prayer. In fact throughout the journal this has been a recurring call. Then, after a couple of years of keeping the journal, I was led to a book on the Marian apparitions at Medjugorje. When I read the messages of the visionaries, the call to increased fasting, prayer, penance and conversion, I was struck by the similarities to the messages in my journal. This reinforced for me the road I felt God was calling me to walk, a road that eventually led me to the Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis. What a joy to find this "pearl of great price"! I joined and from that day on, I knew I was where God wanted me to be.

The blog

The messages on the Pelianito Blog are meant to guide those who read them to the Truth professed by the Catholic church. If ever there are errors in these messages, they are of human origin, since this simple messenger is deeply flawed. It is my wish that you who read these messages will hear the Lord of Love speaking his words of love and encouragement into your own hearts. Think of yourself as the “Beloved child" and see what the Lord will say to you. In my experience, the Lord is far more willing to speak to us than we are to willing to listen.

May you be blessed as you journey with the Lord.

In the love of Jesus and Mary,
(Janet Klasson)

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